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Crystal Mason
I am Crystal Mason, in 2012 I became a felon for tax fraud. I acknowledged & accepted responsibility for my actions. I served my prison sentence and entered back into the world focusing on being a model citizen. I got a job (working in corporate America). I went to school during the evening & sent time still helping & encouraging others that 2nd chances do exist. I wanted to make sure that I could educate and or help someone not to make the same choices I did. In November of 2016 the last day to vote my mom had been telling me repeatedly to go vote.

Now it is fact & on record that no one told me that I couldn't vote. When I was released to the halfway house I was given a voter's registration card. I had no ideal I couldn't vote. I didn't realize that day by going to a voting location that was in my area a location I had gone to before to vote would lead me to some life changing events. My name was not on the list so as I was leaving a helper advised me that I could fill out a provisional ballot. So I did. I didn't know a whirlwind was about to began. In January of 2017 I was notified to come to the supervised release office, which was odd because normally I communicate via email or text. I was arrested for illegally voting once there. I had no clue nor did I understand what was happening. I only had 10 months left on supervised release my first thought was this is a mistake I put everything correct, I used my driver's license. (Fast Forward) I was tried & sentence to 5years imprisonment for illegally voting when in reality I cast a provisional ballot that never left it's originally location, a ballot that was never ever counted. I'm currently out on an appeal bond still fighting for my Freedom.

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