" The Fight" Against Voters Suppression

Crystal Mason The Fight Against Voters Suppression Organization.During the course of the rollercoaster that my life had taken I noticed there was no help. I was baffled I was confused. I found that Tarrant County has a lack of support. No one tried to even educate me on what had taken place. I began to educate myself and people from Dallas County & across the world began to reach out to me. One of the most important things that touch my heart was that young people would tell me that they didn't want to vote because of what happened to me. People who were not felons were intimidated by my situation and didn't want to vote. That literally crushed me. I knew I had to take a stand. I began to explain to them why they should vote. I had people come to me who had a felon 10 years ago and was no longer on probation, parole or supervised release were afraid to vote. I want everyone to know you have a voice. I want those who can use their voice now to use it. I want to prepare & educate those who can't vote right now when they will be able to & what they still can do to encourage others. I will continue to Fight Against Voters Suppression. Don't let your voice be intimidated let it be heard loud & clear.

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